Pass~Port Bring Kitsch to 1700 Naud

Via Monster Children

The Sydney Opera House had never screened a skate film in its 46-year history… until Pass~Port came along.

The Sydney skate co. showed their latest full-length film, Kitsch, at the most iconic music and arts venue in all of Australia, and it was a hoot. So, the Opera House was hard to beat, but we gave it a red hot go and pulled out all the stops and ice-cold Pabsts, at a Kitsch screening of our own at our LA space, 1700 Naud. And now Pass~port are hitting the road again, destination: our New York gallery, 98 Orchard, to screen Kitsch on September the 13th. Get there, but don’t forget to RSVP here to secure a spot in front of the big screen… this one’s going to be packed.

Photos by Morgan Rindengan



For those who missed the disco night with Com Truise and Heat Wave, here are some photos that will make you understand why you can't miss these things.


Fireworks and Mezcal With LAND

via Monster Children

Photos by Morgan Rindengan

It’s always a good sign when you sell the art before the gallery doors have opened.

Despite FedEx’s best efforts, LAND’s new collection of works, Peace Flags, made its way from Austin to LA for a huge opening night. While the temperatures soared, Madre Mezcal, Obvious Wines, PBR, and Topo Chico kept everyone cool, and the best pizza in town (Pizzanista!) provided valuable carbs to the Chances With Wolves dancefloor.

LAND’s new work branches out into a new and surprising realm of colour and materials—an interesting aesthetic shift for the Texan collective. To top the night off, we put on a display of fireworks that definitely had nothing to do with the two music festivals occurring simultaneously around the perimeter of 1700 Naud.

Peace Flags will be on view July 29th – Aug 9th (excluding weekends) from 1 to 5 pm.
Closing reception Saturday, Aug 10th at 7pm