Get ready to party with The Voidz

The very first The Voidz pop-up shop in Los Angeles is happening Friday here at 1700 Naud. This is your chance to get your hand on some exclusive merch and immerse yourself in the lovely weirdness of The Voidz. If this event appeals to your senses, stay sharp — space is limited and there will likely be a line to get in. Please RSVP through the link below so we can keep track of how many people are coming.

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Thank you for the hangover, LA

via Monster Children

If you made it to the party at 1700 Naud last night, you know what I’m talking about

We all drank like there was no tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is here and it doesn’t feel great. It all was for a good reason, so no regrets here. The LA Issue 61 launch party / 15 years of Monster Children / Photo Annual too good and too many beers were consumed. Someone even drank an entire bottle of bacon bourbon we had in the office — which we kept there as a joke. Now we’re paying for our bad choices and nursing this hangover that we have no one to blame for but ourselves. My heart goes out to you, bacon bourbon drinker, whoever you are.

Photos by Morgan Rindengan

Photos by Morgan Rindengan

Say yes to Ponyboy

Our buddies Michael Stember and James Dorje came over to cook an amazing private dinner for guests. It was too good not to be shared with the world, so here are some photos. You probably weren't here but at least you get to have an idea.

Jealous? If you live in New York, you can check out their incredible new restaurant Ponyboy in Brooklyn.

Now you know that if anyone invites you to a private Ponyboy dinner, you have to say yes.