LA Gets A Taste of ‘Street Cats’

via Monster Children

After a massive turn out at 98 Orchard in New York, we’ve decided to bring the photo exhibition (featuring professional skateboarders/extremely decent photographers Kenny Anderson, Brian Delatorre, Zered Bassett, and Al Davis) to 1700 Naud.


Join us for Changing Landscapes: An audio-visual installation

In the Wauters Farm installment of their Changing Landscapes series, Los Angeles based art collective ARTHUR KING travels to a small family farm in rural Iowa in order to gather audio and video field recordings and reuse them creatively in a large-scale, improvisational visual art and music performance within the same setting. These musical and visual experiments incorporate an artistic methodology that aims to create a deeper connection to our surroundings and ourselves. 

We are happy to host this immersive installation at 1700 Naud, starting on June 14th at 7pm.

Wauters Farm Installation Flyer [logos].jpg

Dylan Forever

via Monster Children

We had a bunch of stuff go down at 1700 Naud over the last three months, but easily the most outstanding of those happenings was a photo show we put together to celebrate the life, legacy and memory of our mate Dylan Rieder.

Photographers Atiba Jefferson, Ryan Allan, John Bradford, Jonathan Mehring, Andrew Peters, Chris Searl, Brian Kelley, and Mark Oblow exhibited a collection of incredible photos, which were auctioned off with the proceeds donated to City of Hope. A loop of Dylan’s video parts played on the wall, accompanied by live music performed by Cat Power, and it was an extraordinary night that honoured a truly extraordinary fella. Dylan Forever.