1700 Naud Gets the Robbie Simon Treatment

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One of the best things about having a gallery is that sometimes, if we ask really nicely, artists will agree to paint our walls.

From Gonz to Gaijin, we’ve had no shortage of incredibly talented people creating full-scale murals on the side of 1700 Naud in DTLA, a tradition that’s been continued by none other than Mr. Robbie Simon. The LA native has created work for the likes of Allah-Las, Kevin Morby and Fleet Foxes, and lent his clean composition and colour-focused designs to brands such as Stussy, Vans, and Pitchfork.


While Robbie messed around on a scissor lift and brought one of our favourite murals at 1700 Naud to life, we asked him about his distinctive colour palette, turning two-inch sketches into two-storey artworks, and how he manages to keep those luscious locks so goddamn beautiful. Check it out, up top.


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Randy Randall from No Age has released a solo album via Dangerbird Records and we’re hosting the debut show for said album at 1700 Naud. The installation is presented by the experimental Art Collective Arthur King , as a part of an ongoing series in partnership with Dangerbird.

Randy has set up an extraordinary audio-visual installation with Aaron Farley to accompany the album release, and we think you’d have to be a bit mental if you didn’t go. Either that or you’re just busy doing other stuff. Or in jail. Or dead. Or you owe Randy money. The album is called Sound Field Volume One and it’s pretty cool. You can hear some of it by clicking play on the vid. You can also read our recent interview with Mr. Randall HERE.

Get along and hear Sound Field Volume One on March 30th at 7pm, at 1700 Naud Gallery: 1700 Naud Street Los Angeles.

10 Things I Hate With Todd Francis and Porous Walker

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LA artists Todd Francis and Porous Walker might share a mutual love of irreverence, bad situations and bodily functions, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all sunshine and rainbows.

We took the pair costume shopping in preparation for their upcoming art show FOOLS at 1700 Naud and asked them to unload some of their biggest pet peeves, and not even mayonnaise or Aerosmith made it out of the firing line. Hit play on our favourite fools above, then make sure you get to 1700 Naud in LA this Thursday night at 7 pm for the show.

FOOLS_ official flyer.jpg

We're still (on a) high after our Old Pal party

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There’s only one party you should’ve been at Friday night.

And that was pot brand Old Pal’s party at 1700 Naud, aka the building in DTLA with clouds of smoke billowing out from under the front door.

Old Pal is headed up by our buddies at Texas design studio LAND, whose work you would’ve seen on products like Madre Mezcal, Stumptown Coffee and more. It’s always a good time when LAND comes to town, and last Friday was no different.


To help put the working week firmly in the rearview, the heaving masses were treated to  weed from Old Pal + Eaze, free Madre Mezcal drinks, free Pabst (as always), and enough Pizzanista! to keep the high and hungry crowd happy.

On the decks were groove lords Reverberation Radio, followed by LA band Blanco Niño,and an insane performance from Drugdealer closed out the night.

Check out everything that went down at the Old Pal party below, then if you’re in the US and over 21, get over to Old Pal’s website here and browse their goodies. 


LIGHTBOX is a conceptual film and photo project utilizing projectors and light to transform an otherwise ordinary space. It was shot in one day at Louie Lopez’ indoor skatepark. The project is a celebration of his first shoe with Converse CONS, the Louie Pro.


The film was on display at the gallery, along with visuals projected by Cloaking at our outside wall.

LIGHTBOX was filmed by Colin Kennedy and produced by Kevin Duffel and photographed by Ryan Allen. Visuals by Cloaking.

Installation photos by Morgan Rindengan