Irvin Guzman's Everyday Ends

To put it simply, “Everyday Ends,” is a show about death. But instead of focusing on the obvious iconography of the subject, Irvin Guzman — a first-timer solo artist and goes by his nickname ‘Tofu’ — creates his own. In designing a landscape of grim, but colorful wastelands, of deadly but approachable demons, Guzman develops scenes and characters that would inhabit death as at dimension — as opposed to as a physical state of being.

Guzman's technique with graphite is astounding, and the first stop into a list of incredibly well executed mediums. From two dimensional hyper detailed surreal drawings to articulated sculptures, and then experiential spaces (did you see the face dome outside?).

“Everyday Ends” is curated by the artist collective Bloody Gums and PBR's art program and is on view Feb 9th-16th.